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Word game Blockhead Online


If online game is not working, make sure that you use the latest version.Blockhead is a word game for your Android. Play with a friend or with your android device or online. Registration takes a few minutes, or even less, and you can immediately start playing. All your achievements are saved, and every month and every year, you can compete for the title of best player of the month or year. Many matches are kept in suspense until the very end, and comes to the tactics of chess games! For each player there is detailed statistics, you can see their position in the top of the best players and track your own lifeline progress. Ask your friends to download the app and play with thwm online! More downloads - more fun!
The game has a chat to open it, click on the menu button while playing and give the opponent impressions about the game.
Blockhead - a game Didactic attention and memory. With it you can expand your vocabulary: if a computer opponent puts you unfamiliar word, just click on the "View Online" and you will see its definition.
In the online game, users can add new words to the dictionary, and after checking they appear in the new version. Thus, users will premise form the perfect dictionary and determine goodness of the words!